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Although our name Specialty Drapery suggests that we only specialize in drapes for windows, we also provide an extensive variety of other window treatment options. One of our product categories offering a particularly wide breadth of choices is window shades. Window shades can be differentiated based on shape, material, and use. The window treatment consultants at Specialty Drapery are eager to help you find the perfect window shade for your design preferences.

Types of Window Shades

A variety of different materials — including fabric, wood, and polyester — comprise our window shade options. Some materials soften the light entering your space, while others block sunlight completely. Regardless of the aesthetic and function you desire, Speciality Drapery offers a window shade that checks all of the boxes.

Roller & Pleated Shades

Roller shades lift and lower by spooling and unrolling the shade material at the top of the window. They offer a contemporary look and are easy to maintain. Their polyester and fiberglass fabrics are durable and provide strong sun control properties. Pleated shades are controlled by the shade folding and unfolding into itself, similar to a paper fan. They come in a variety of specialty shapes to fit your windows and can even be installed on your skylights to control light and heat transmission from above.

Roman & Balloon Shades

We can construct roman and balloon shades from any of our featured fabrics, seamlessly marrying style with function. The primary difference between roman and balloon shades is simply their shape. Balloon shades have vertical pleats, creating the “ballooned” shape, but still raise and lower like other shade varieties. Roman shades have horizontal fabric panels that fold together as they are raised and expand to unfold as they are lowered. Both options are highly customizable and bring an unrivaled elegance to upscale homes.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades provide a simple, clean option for privacy and energy efficiency. Available in both single- and double-cell varieties, you can choose the level of light transmission you require. Single-cell shades transmit the most light, while double-cells allow in less light. Both options permit a soft, warm light into your space while simultaneously acting as a layer of insulation to improve energy efficiency. Additionally, Speciality Drapery carries blackout cellular shades, which are perfect for nurseries, home theaters, or bedrooms where complete darkness is desired.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades offer rich texture, bringing a rustic yet elegant ambiance to your space. Constructed from bamboo, rattan, jute, grass, and reeds, woven wood shades bring nature indoors. Choose from over thirty pattern, material, and color options to achieve a look that flawlessly suits your aesthetic.

Find Your Shade Solution

With the wide variety of window shade material, shape, and color choices we offer at Specialty Drapery, we can help you find the perfect shade solution. Visiting our showroom or scheduling an in-home design consultation brings you one step closer to finding the window treatments of your dreams.

Since 1967, Specialty Drapery has provided the highest quality of window treatment solutions to the Mid-Atlantic region. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and relentless pursuit of customer delight. Contact us to schedule your design consultation.