What Everyone Needs to Know About Fire Retardant Draperies

In Drapery, Home Safety by Specialty Drapery

Specialty Drapery is known for designing window treatments that meet the TOTAL needs of the homeowner/business owner.  We were recently called to The Doubletree Hotel on West Franklin Street in downtown Richmond to look at some white stains on the draperies in the third-floor conference space.

Originally, a corporate design team from out-of-state designed these soft striped draperies using an inherently fire retardant fabric for the striped part, but using a solid cotton fabric for the decorative band along the bottom edge.  To meet fire codes that are in place for consumer safety, a topical fire retardant chemical was applied to the solid cotton band along the bottom.

The room was beautiful, but was it practical?  Large rooms like this are a wonderful place to host large meetings and receptions.  We have all seen occasions where water or wine glasses are overturned in the midst of an event – splattering everything around them.  When fabrics that are TOPICALLY treated with a fire retardant solution get wet, it leaches out the salt in the chemical leaving a permanent white stain as shown in the photo.

The Window Treatment Specialists at Specialty Drapery worked with the hotel and suggested that we make new draperies out of fabric that is inherently fire retardant with no band along the bottom edge of the drapery panel.  This helped the space in two ways:

  •  The new draperies are not vulnerable to those accidental spills and can be easily cleaned. They are both fashionable and functional!
  • By removing the bottom band, the draperies appear taller and give the room a larger and more spacious feel.

The staff at The Doubletree Hotel is thrilled and excited to have an updated look in their space that is not only beautiful, but easy to maintain.