The Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

In Automation, Home by Specialty Drapery

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1. Convenience

Lets say you have 5 windows in a room and you want to close or open these window treatments. You go to each one, one at a time to perform the open or close operation… no issue for “A” window treatment but lots, no way. Ever wonder why you pass a house with no one home and all the window treatments are open? Probably the homeowner did not want to take the time to close each window treatment. With motorized window treatments and our controls you can easily control any window treatment or group of window treatments at the push of a button, tick of a clock, change in sunlight, etc. Now that’s convenience!

2. Increase Privacy

Whether your home is open to the one next door or to the plain outdoors must of us do not feel comfortable at times without some level of privacy. The source of that privacy most often is the window(s). Easy to operate window treatments are a key to window privacy. Window treatments can provide privacy without motorization but not as easily. Consider you in your bathroom and you need to close the shade in your bathroom window on the other side of your tub so you can take a bath… you can step through the tub to reach the shade or push a button. Isn’t technology grand!

3. Become the Green Machine

Ever watched an insultation commercial on TV where they do an infrared view of a house showing where all the heat is lost? Windows are the key item here and it goes for cool as well. Many window treatment provide an insulating “R” value to the window and all assist with solar heat gain that is costly when the sun is beaming in your windows. Motorized windows can save 10-30% on your energy bill each month depending on the use of your window treatments to help keep heat in or heat out of your house depending on the time of year. Automating the motorized window treatments with simple to use controls based on time of day, sun location or intensity can save you money and provide the Green benefits we all want to help with.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

When trying to sell a home or buy a home one of the many “special” features help maximize the value of your home is motorized window treatments. The primary reasons for this are all the benefits we are noting here but most importantly is the “cool factor” of walking into a home and with a puch of a button all the window treatments move and second the perceived value of luxury for homes with motorized window treatments.

5. Protect Your Home’s Furnishings

Have you ever mored a piece of furniture by the window in your house to see how the sun had damaged the piece of furniture, the floor or flooring? The Sun’s UV rays are powerful and dangerous. Just as your skin needs UV sun lotion to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays so to does your home’s furnishings. Most window treatments have UV blockage ratings to let you know how much you are blocking and protecting your valuables.

6. Safety

More and more today safety in the home is critical and one of the very important steps to take is to eliminate cords from window coverings that could intangle your pet or worst your child. The consumer product safety council recommends no lose or visible cords for children to be caught in. Motorized window coverings remove most all cords used to lift or move a window treatment making it significantly safer for your children and pets.

7. Security

Did you know your motorized window treatments can simulate the activities of you being at home causing those who might be watching your home to think there is someone home. Additionally have window treatments closed while you are not home hides valuables from view reducing the desire for home break in. Our controls can control your lights as well so that the home really looks lived in and secure.

8. Sleep Better

We all know that if we close the window treatments the light from outside is reduced or stopped. Adding motorization and our controls allows you to easily have the window treatments open or close at preset times of day helping you sleep when you want and combined with our room darkening window coverings you can really create that dark, perfect for sleeping space regardless of time of day…all at the push of a button.

9. Stop the Glare

Whether watching your favorite Sport or Movie on the TV or just sitting by the window to read a book, Glare can create eye irratation and even headaches. Using the right window treatement combined with the right motorization allows you to easily and simply control the amount of light and stop Glare.

10. Home Automation

Many of us today have various home automation devices from remotes for TV’s in simpliest form to systems that control our entire house. Our motorized window treatments work with all major home automation systems. There are even TV remotes that will close your window treatments when you cut on your TV. And remember our controls can control your window treatments, lights and Temperature themselves or be added to your current automation system…all at the touch of a button Let us show you how to experience the benefits in your home.