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When you have a nice seating area with a large set of windows, like a bay window, or bow windows or even a window seat in the bedroom or the children’s room, it gives you a ton of possibilities for decorating and furnishing. The latest trend is to make the window the focal point, with the natural light streaming in. Elaborate and fussy decorating ideas are passé and the latest decorating trend is sweet simplicity with the accent on natural fabrics, recycled wood and green living.

A window seat in the master bedroom or the kids’ room can be ideal to curl up for story time to laze away sunny afternoons or even bask in a little bit of sunshine during winters. If you have a huge bay window or bow window off your morning room or dining area, it can become the place for informal family gatherings, furnished and finished in natural light cotton fabrics that can withstand the wear and tear of usage by children and pets.

Top treatments have changed in recent years, and the heavy brocade fabrics, fussy cascades and cornices are a thing of the past. Now the emphasis is on simplicity and eco-friendliness. Simple valances, swags, blinds and shades are the current top treatments favorite for windows. The preference for one big family room off the kitchen and living rooms has really caught on, and this room needs all the natural light and ventilation it is possible to have. So, the window treatments too have moved away from the formal and ornate to the informal and simple. Adjustable blinds provide privacy and the minimalistic hardware provides simple clean lines and an informal and welcoming touch to the family room, where you and your family can relax in front of the fireplace.

For top treatment in the master bedroom window, you can go with cornices or lambrequins that either complement or enhance the décor and colors of your room. They can be customized to fit your window, and they can be the focal point of the room, without overpowering it; they are ideal for a large floor length window that dominates a wall, and faces the sun. With customized and complementing cornices, your room will come alive, with just the right balance of light and color. If you want easy to maintain window treatments, you can even opt for wood cornices, with wooden shutters that can give a fresh country look to your room, especially if it faces the sun.

If you like cascades, swags and valances, though they can be a bit overpowering in a smaller area, they are best option for a set of multiple, large bay windows, or for bringing out or highlighting the colors in your décor to your best advantage. Your home should be a reflection of you and your tastes. So, never mind the current trend, if you like swags and cascades, go for them. Valances can also help to give your windows a finished look. When you are redecorating, think what you want your home to say about you and then choose your draperies, your window treatments and shades or blinds. This approach will help you to select the right décor that you and your family can relax in.

A fussy and formal treatment can be used for a formal living room, for when you are entertaining. For relaxing, however, an informal and simple décor is better. At Specialty Drapery, we know what suits any décor and have a wide range for you to choose from. Our in-house designers can consult with you and help you to get the best possible materials and look for your home. Established in 1967, we are the leaders in home décor in and around Richmond, Virginia. Our qualified designers can help you with free no-obligations consultations on décor ideas and latest trends if you need any assistance. We stock everything from cushions to specialty wood and designer products from Hunter Douglas and other top names in the industry. Contact us today for a free quote!