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Goodnight, Sleep Tight! With Norman LightGuard 360

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Restful sleep is essential for us to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep can impact our ability to focus at work and engage with colleagues, friends, and family. Furthermore, aside from the obvious connection to reduced energy levels, a sleep deficit may also impact weight management by increasing appetite and decreasing metabolism.

Difficulty sleeping can stem from a wide range of factors. As a custom window treatments company, we certainly can’t diagnose why you have trouble sleeping. However, we can help you create an environment that fosters restful sleep. One of our manufacturers, Norman Window Fashions, offers a cutting-edge technology that enhances light control for optimal sleep conditions: LightGuard 360. This technology is now available in all forty-five varieties of Norman’s room darkening fabric for Soluna Roller Shades.

Who Benefits From Room Darkening Shades & LightGuard 360 Technology

  • Light sleepers
  • Children
  • People who suffer from chronic migraines
  • Night shift workers

Light Sleepers

Room darkening shades with LightGuard 360 benefit a variety of sleepers. Some people have difficulty falling and staying asleep when overstimulated by environmental factors such as sound, movement, and of course, light. You’ve probably shared a room on vacation with a cousin or sibling who is a light sleeper. Maybe your partner is easily awoken, or perhaps you struggle to fall asleep unless under perfect conditions. Norman’s room darkening shades and LightGuard 360 help minimize light stimuli in your sleeping environment for more restful and sustained sleep.


Parents can get lucky with babies who easily sleep through the night or go down for naps without a fuss. But, for others, getting young ones to sleep, and to stay asleep, is a constant battle. By eliminating one of the many distractions that prevent children from sleeping soundly, light-blocking shades can help foster a better resting environment. The outcome is improved sleep for the kids, and oftentimes, for the parents too.

Sufferers of Chronic Migraines

According to the American Migraine Foundation, between 80 and 90% of people who suffer from migraines experience extreme light sensitivity, also known as photophobia or photosensitivity. Many people even cite bright light as the cause of their migraines. For those who are more prone to migraines or combat them often, the ability to control and eliminate light from their space is essential. Room darkening shades can provide this solution, giving migraine sufferers some much-needed relief.

Night Shift Workers

Night shift workers and those who work rotating shifts are at an elevated risk of experiencing sleep disorders, and may even face health problems as a result of chronic sleep loss. To stay healthy and safe, people who work the night shift need to make the most of their time spent sleeping. Whether you’re a nurse, warehouse worker, or 24/7 call center customer service representative, when your shift is over, it’s time to rest and recharge. Keeping sunlight out of your bedroom with room darkening shades can help optimize your sleep, no matter the time of day, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

How Norman LightGuard 360 Controls Light

Norman LightGuard 360 improves the light control capabilities of shades made from Norman’s room darkening fabrics. This innovative solution helps your window treatments not only prevent light from penetrating through the shades but also around the shades. LightGuard 360 utilizes blackout bristle technology to block light from entering your space along the top, bottom, and sides of your shades. The result is a complete blackout effect, perfect for achieving the deep sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Sleep Soundly with Room Darkening Shades and Norman LightGuard 360

If you struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, consider investing in room darkening shades with Norman’s LightGuard 360 technology. By minimizing the amount of light in your bedroom, you can experience more restful sleep. Allow the design experts at Specialty Drapery to create an effective and beautiful light-blocking solution for your space.

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