You’ve Got the Power with PowerView Window Treatments

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Sometimes you want your window treatments to be an eye-catching focal point. Other times, you may want them to simply do their job: raise and lower to control light and privacy. With Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation, your window treatments provide both aesthetic appeal and functionality with ease.

Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation Control Options

  • Voice Activation
  • Time Triggers
  • PowerView App
  • Pebble Control

You can control your motorized shades in several different ways. If your PowerView is integrated with a smart-home system, such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you can raise and lower your window treatments using voice control. The same way you ask Alexa to turn up the volume when your favorite song comes on, you can also ask her to open and close your shades.

PowerView window treatments can also be programmed on a time-based schedule. Perhaps you prefer the sunlight to gently wake you up in the morning instead of the harsh blare of an alarm clock. Schedule your window treatments to rise when you want to start your day. On the other hand, if the sun’s glare becomes too intense in the afternoon in your home office, simply program your shades to lower at a designated time.

Other control options include the PowerView mobile app and the Pebble Control handheld remote. With the tap of a finger on your phone or tablet screen or a click of a button on your Pebble Control device, you can choreograph the window treatments to your preference on demand.

The Power Behind the Automation

You may be wondering, “Where does all this ‘power’ come from?” PowerView Automation window treatments are battery-powered, creating a cordless system that is safe for children and pets. We also offer a rechargeable battery wand for a sustainable option. The battery’s lifespan lasts for about a year before needing a three-hour charging session. Then it’s back to doing its job to keep you comfortable in your space!

PowerView Window Treatment Designs

PowerView Window Treatments come in a wide variety of designs. From Roman shades to roller shades, we offer a style to fulfill your vision. Material options range from a woven texture or metallic finish to patterned fabric or Hunter Douglas’s signature Polysatin shutters. Within each type of material, a broad selection of colors allows you to customize the aesthetic to flawlessly complement the design of your space.

Select Hunter Douglas’s PowerView Window Treatments

As the 2018 recipient of the Red Dot Product Design award, Hunter Douglas’s PowerView Automation has been highly acclaimed within the industry. Incorporating this beautiful and functional system into your home will enhance your everyday life with improved convenience, comfort, and aesthetics. Request an in-home consultation with one of our window treatment specialists or visit our showroom to get started. 

Since 1967, Specialty Drapery has provided the highest quality of window treatment and lighting control solutions to the Mid-Atlantic region. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and relentless pursuit of customer delight. Contact us to schedule your design consultation.

*Image courtesy of Hunter Douglas