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Give the Gift of Lighting & Window Treatment Automation

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With Christmas less than a week away, it’s time to stop procrastinating on your holiday shopping. Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are the ones we’re closest to — our partners or spouses. Does your husband really need another argyle sweater vest or paperweight? Or does your wife actually have space for another pair of fuzzy socks or holiday-scented candle?

This holiday, skip the knick-knacks and unnecessary articles of clothing. Give your significant other something they may not think to purchase for themselves. Show them you care by presenting them with a gift that will enrich their daily life for years to come: a lighting and window treatment automation system.

Lighting & Window Treatment Automation Systems

Lighting and window treatment automation is the perfect gift for your partner (or yourself!). It’s a necessary luxury, and once you experience it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. A home automation system is a gift the whole family can enjoy. It allows you to control your environment according to the time of day or the activity in which you’re engaging. Create a cinema-like atmosphere when watching a movie by automatically drawing the blinds and dimming the lights, or turn up the light’s intensity with the press of a button to tackle that 1,000-piece puzzle.

Home Automation Options

At Specialty Drapery, we can automate your lighting, window treatments, or both! Additionally, you can choose for us to integrate with an existing automation system or to implement a new one. As with most technologies, there is a wide range of brands that offer similar products. We’ve done the research for you and selected the top brands in lighting and window treatment automation.

Lutron Lighting Control

With Lutron Lighting Controls, your lights can be turned on and off or dimmed in response to several triggers. Possible triggers include timers, light sensors, and on-demand selection from a device. You can control your lights from in-wall dimmers and switches, the Lutron mobile app, or a Smart Bridge. The Lutron Smart Bridge connects with more smart home device brands than any other lighting control company, allowing you to seamlessly adjust multiple aspects of your environment from one easy interface.

One important feature of lighting automation you may not have considered is home security. By setting your lights to turn on and off even when you are not home, it simulates the appearance that the house is occupied, lessening the chances that an intruder will attempt to break in. Furthermore, with Lutron Lighting Control, you’ll never have to walk into your home in the dark again. Program the lights to turn on at a designated time before you return home, or turn the lights on from your car via your mobile device before entering. If the lights are already on when you open the door, you won’t have to risk tripping over a rogue object in the dark as you fumble for the light switch.

Somfy myLink™

Somfy myLink™ is another automation solution we offer. It allows you to control your motorized shades, blinds, awnings, screens, and shutters from your mobile device. You can even administer your window treatments when away from home with the mobile app.

The ability to manipulate your home’s window treatments when you’re away from home provides several benefits. Similar to lighting automation, you can mimic the illusion that someone is home by opening and closing the window treatments throughout the day and evening. In addition to deterring potential intruders, automated window treatments also offer protection from the sun by preventing damaging UV rays and excessive solar heat from entering your space. If you realize that you forgot to draw the blinds before leaving for work in the morning, you can remedy this remotely from your Somfy app.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a lighting and window treatment automation system. From now until the end of 2019, we’re offering 10% off our motorized shades or blinds, which pair perfectly with our Lutron or Somfy automation control systems. It’s a gift your partner will actually use and enjoy each and every day!

Since 1967, Specialty Drapery has provided the highest quality of window treatment solutions to the Mid-Atlantic region. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and relentless pursuit of customer delight. Contact us before the end of the year to get 10% off our motorized shades or blinds, and begin enhancing the ambiance of your space.