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How to Integrate Metallics into Your Space

In Interior Design by Specialty Drapery

Adding metallic colors to a space can add a very distinctive feel. Different colors of metallics can offer their own qualities to any room.  Utilizing metallics to add a particular flavor to a room can be done with upholstery, drapery, blinds and shutters, mirrors, furniture and even appliances. Understanding what each metallic color will do for a room is the first part in understanding how you should make selections.


Gold metallics tend to add the quality of luxury to any space where they are utilized as part of the design scheme. Gold can be very bright and shiny or very subdued. Gold elements can also be added to other colors, such as gold stitching on furniture, upholstery or in draperies.

One of the very versatile things about gold is that it can be so subtle and still come off as very elegant. Simple gold stitching added to window treatments or upholstery can dramatically change the look of a room without overwhelming that room with metallics. Even when it is rather bright, gold has a pleasant, warm quality to it that is surprisingly soft for a metallic color.


Silver is one of the metallics that allow a designer to bring a lot of energy into a room, due to its bright color. One of the caveats with using actual silver, however, is that it does need to be polished rather frequently to make sure it retains its luster.

Silver can add a very stately and elegant feel to a room but it’s implications of wealth are far more subtle than they are with gold. Because silver is so widely used, it is also very easy to coordinate the items used in a room with the overall decor. For instance, silver serving sets, mirrors, lamps and other elements can be coordinated with silver colors used in upholstery, creating a harmonious feel that is pleasant and that has a very refined aesthetic to it.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has its advantages as an interior design element and is particularly popular in kitchens. Stainless steel has a more subdued luster than silver, but the colors are relatively similar. Stainless steel is very durable and, when it is used in a kitchen, it tends to give off an air of professionalism and cleanliness.

Stainless steel can be used to give a very modern look to a room. Stainless steel features such as mirrors, faucets and so forth can be coordinated with stainless steel blinds and other products to create an ultramodern, very sharp and very clean feel in a room.

Stainless steel works best for appliances when everything is coordinated so that the overall theme is maintained. For instance, having a white stove and a stainless steel refrigerator robs the room of a lot of potential harmony, as simply adding a stainless steel stove would give the room a very modern feel that is quite desirable in current design aesthetics.

Custom Window Dressings

Specialty Drapery of Richmond, Virginia can handle custom orders that can help you to create a very personalized interior design space utilizing metallic colors. These colors are, quite often, underutilized and, by employing them a little bit more, many rooms that are a little bit bland could be provided with an entirely new feel and life.

From draperies to upholstery, Specialty Drapery can ship products anywhere in the world, allowing everyone to have access to very high-quality products for their interior design needs. If you’re considering remodeling a room to give it an entirely new feel, remember that metallic colors may be exactly what you’re looking for to achieve a particular aesthetic.