Transform Your Walls into Works of Art

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Are your walls blank canvases begging to be noticed? Add color and texture to your walls with wallcoverings! And no, this isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper we’re talking about. Modern wallpaper contributes dimension and style, making your walls an active element in the aesthetic environment of your space. To bring the most unique and en vogue wallcoverings to our clients, Specialty Drapery partners with local Richmond artist Dandridge “Dede” Keyser Davis. We are proud to be part of an exclusive group of high-end retailers that Dede has selected to offer her painterly wallpaper products.

Dandridge Art Wallpaper: Designed in Richmond. Inspired by the World.

Dede’s mission is to use art to bring joy and inspiration to others. With Dandridge Art wallpaper, you can be inspired every day! Dede draws influence from nature and different cultures when creating her abstract art. She categorizes her wallpaper patterns into collections, such as the Jewel, Botanical, and Animal Print collections. Several collections reflect specific places, including Palm Beach, Charleston, and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Dandridge Art wallpaper is available in smooth, vinyl grasscloth, and Type II varieties. Type II wallcoverings are commercial-grade and evaluated according to the Type II ASTM F793 standard and test procedures for scrubbability, stain resistance, flame spread, colorfastness, abrasion resistance, and more.

Preserve Your Wallpaper

As with all pigmented materials, UV exposure can cause fading and discoloration of your wallcoverings. Maintain the vibrant hues and subtle contrasts of your Dandridge Art wallpaper by installing solar control window film. This film rejects 99% of ultraviolet rays, the leading cause of fading in floorings, furniture, artwork, and upholstery. Solar control window film also reduces the amount of visible light permitted by your windows and offers excellent solar heat rejection. These two side effects of the sun account for the secondary and tertiary causes of fading. The consultants at Solar Film, our local window tinting installation partner, can help you identify the best variety of film to balance your requirements for natural light, heat rejection, and UV protection.

Explore Dandridge Art Wallpaper at Specialty Drapery

Breathe new life into the walls of your home or business with Dandridge Art wallpaper, a source of daily joy and inspiration. After all, with your show-stopping window treatments from Specialty Drapery, it’s only fair to extend beauty to your walls as well.

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*Image courtesy of Dandridge Art