Window Treatments for Commercial Spaces

In addition to providing high-end homes with luxurious window treatment options, Specialty Drapery, also known as Specialty Contract Services, specializes in commercial window treatments. We provide blinds, drapes, shades, shutters, and more. From doctors’ offices and spas to hotels and restaurants, we have helped business owners find the perfect solution for their windows.


Large-Scale Projects Across the Mid-Atlantic

No project is too big for Specialty. Our commercial projects span across DC, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia for businesses such as hospitals, hotels, and highrise office buildings. We have the manpower and supply chain in place to tackle commercial window treatment projects of any scale. From spaces with only 10 manual window coverings to buildings with 1200+ motorized window shades, lighting and integrated smart control, we can provide it all.


Increase Comfort

We know that natural light is beneficial to our moods and productivity. However, sunlight can also produce uncomfortable side effects, such as hot spots and glare. By selecting the right commercial window treatment solution, you can control the amount of sunlight entering your space. The window treatment will also help absorb the infrared and UV rays that heat your office to uncomfortable temperatures. Additionally, window treatments help mitigate visible light that casts glare across devices and screens.


Automated Commercial Window Treatments

Window treatment automation takes your commercial space to the next level. Our automation systems can be set to respond to changes in the environment or on a schedule. In addition to streamlining your window treatment transitions, we can also automate your lighting system. By marrying your window treatments with your lighting in a cohesive way, you’ll be able to effortlessly create the environment you want for your employees and clients.

Commercial Window Film

Solar Film, our trusted window tinting partner, also provides commercial solutions. Their window films offer the following benefits:

  • Regulate interior temperatures to improve occupant comfort
  • Minimize glare passing through your windows
  • Block UV rays that cause fading and deterioration
  • Enhance the strength of your windows
  • Add visual interest
  • Provide increased privacy
  • Lower energy costs
Commercial window film can also be used in conjunction with window treatments and lighting to create the ultimate custom solution for your space.


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