Colors That Are in This Spring

In Interior Design by Specialty Drapery

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Just to mention a few, there is creamy yellow, gold, lemon yellow, emerald, teal, berry, burgundy, tangerine, salmon and champagne. And that is just the “short list” of the top colors selected by interior designers, fashion designers and consumers for this spring.

“I don’t want a lemon yellow carpet or a teal sofa,” you say with indignation, and that is just fine. You will not want to add something to your home décor that you wouldn’t want in it a year from now, so what are the options? It is the use of blinds, drapes and window treatments that utilize some of these trendy shades.

Knowing the Options

For instance, if you work with a top Richmond, VA firm such as Specialty Drapery, you can get everything from cornices and valances, to draperies and shades that use some of these modern colors and hues. This could allow you to affordably add that needed dash of style to the room, without also having to redecorate the entire space.

Better still, we offer high-quality design consultation and installation, which can give you a true insider’s perspective and access to every possible option. You don’t need to know the differences between lambrequins or jabots, plantation shades or blinds because we can give you the guidance needed.

Getting Started

The first step towards an update of your home or living space with draperies or blinds is to book a consultation with us. You can have an in-home visit or a showroom visit, and begin to discuss the kinds of things you want to see done in your home.

It is very helpful if you begin to develop a strong idea or vision of the completed space. A lot of homeowners begin by creating a design board or by building a collection of clippings that give the consultant a strong idea of what their customer is hoping to accomplish.

After that, it is a matter of choosing from the various shades, draperies, blinds, shutters and even some sun control products. Because we also offer installation, delivery and repair, you can really rely on us to help you bring your vision to life.

“Hold on,” you say, “I don’t live in Richmond.”

That’s just fine because at Specialty Drapery we make drapes, blinds and all of our window treatments available throughout the entire Mid Atlantic region, and have done so since 1967! We take pride in being able to offer our clients top of the line services.

Choosing the Palette

Now that you know the top colors for this season, and understand that you can realize any sort of vision through the use of Specialty Drapery, it is time to discover how to choose your new palette.

This is not something that actually requires a degree in design. Instead, it begins with your preferences, and then uses a bit of knowledge about the color wheel. If you go online and look up color wheels, you can see that they are usually very basic diagrams or circles that feature wedges of color. They always have the same colors in the same positions. In order to use them properly, you would find the dominant color in the room you are decorating.

Let’s say the paint is what you wish to keep, and it is a sort of teal color. The opposite of that hue is going to be reddish-orange, which is one of those hot colors this season. You could work with your consultant to find window treatments with that hue and get a hot, modern and very stylish update before spring arrives!