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Just Add Trim

In Interior Design by Specialty Drapery

Sometimes all it takes to change a rooms look is to add a little trim… Trim on the pillows and draperies really brighten up the room. or add trim to …

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Cornice Styles

In Interior Design, Top Treatments by Specialty Drapery

A fresh new look to a traditional style. The Banding around Cornice adds Dimension to the room. Flat trim in a geometric pattern for a fun clean look… Slightly curved cornices …

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Vertical vs. Horizontal Blinds

In Blinds by Specialty Drapery

Vertical and horizontal blinds both provide great options for controlling the amount of light that enters a room. Among their primary advantages is the fact that they can be closed …

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5 Easy Steps to Greener Living

In Uncategorized by Specialty Drapery

In today’s world of global warming and hundreds of species vanishing every day, anyone with a sense of responsibility will want to contribute towards the ecology and bio-conservation. What it …