Be in Complete Control with Automated Window Treatments

In Automation by Specialty Drapery

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These are technologically enlightened and advanced times. There are gadgets for doing almost everything, and for controlling the few things that cannot be done by machines. Such level of automation makes life easy. Most household items come with an automated remote control, including your garage, not to mention your car. People expect every certain aspect of their lives to be controlled by remote and automated tools. Now there are automated window shades that allow you to just install them and forget about drawing your curtains.

With the prevalence of advanced technology in our lives our living room and bedroom shades and blinds have now become automated with programmable controls. You can just enter your location, and the intelligently designed device calculates the sunrise and sunset and opens and closes according to your preferences. It can even factor in seasonal changes and daylight savings time. Talk about a smart home! You can forget about opening or closing your window shades when you install an intelligent automated system. Your intelligent window treatments can even be programmed to operate when you’re away on vacation, giving people the impression that the house is occupied. There are many types of intelligent window treatment options for your home that allow for plenty of customization for the way you live.

For a modern stylish home, you can opt for roller shades. Programmable shades allow for automation which you can set and then select with a single button, such as for lunch or dinner. If there is a power outage or loss of communication with the processor for any reason whatsoever, as soon as the power’s back or contact re-established, the built-in retentive memory helps the program to function smoothly and seamlessly. Your window treatment comes equipped with multiple programming options which allow for different schedules on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

The programmable options can be linked to control buttons, which are then fixed on your wall providing easy access. As they offer full automation, you can even operate them from your bed, without getting up. The buttons can be programmed to control all your light fixtures and other systems like your outdoor lights. The control buttons are available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit any décor, offering you an aesthetically pleasing control panel. This enhances the looks of your living room too as you can do away with the traditional box-like switchboards and have stylish control panels instead.

Specialty Drapery was founded in 1967, in Richmond, VA, and ever since we have been striving to bring the best and the latest to our customers. This constant need for innovation has led us to offer customization and automation of most window treatments in your home. Automation is not only available for new construction but for retro-fit as well. Stop by our full window treatment showroom to see what would be the best option for you.