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5 Easy Steps to Greener Living

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In today’s world of global warming and hundreds of species vanishing every day, anyone with a sense of responsibility will want to contribute towards the ecology and bio-conservation. What it means is to try and maintain the status-quo, and stop further deterioration.

You don’t have to move into an eco-friendly building or change your car right away. There are many little every day things that you can change to more energy-efficient and therefore eco-friendly ways.

Here are some such changes you can adopt

Avoid litter: wherever possible, carry stuff in recyclable boxes and bags; when you are carrying lunch, or when you are going shopping, carry a cloth bag or box so that you can avoid the use of plastic bags. Refuse plastic bags from shops. Carry your lunch in recycled paper bags.

Recycle: we all know about the value of recycling. It cannot be overstated; recycling helps in reducing the stress on the planet’s delicate eco-system and also in conservation of the biosphere.

Eat organic: organically grown food means less harmful pesticides were used in the cultivation process, thereby enhancing bio-conservation. Organic produce is a little more costly than regular food, but it is the price we pay for preserving nature’s bounty for another generation.

Make your home green: reduce waste and power consumption whenever possible; don’t waste water or electricity. Don’t use the car for a single trip or one person. Either carpool or take the bus or use the bike.

Consume less power: using less power around the home involves, doing the dishes by hand, or not running the dryer and only the washer, and stepping out of the house in the fresh air to give some respite to your HVAC system.

Conserving power around the house: there are many ways of conserving power around the home, like not using the TV all the time, limiting use of motorized machines and switching to manual ones, as much as possible.
Considering the ecological and environmental cost of generating electricity, any power saved is a great help. For simple tasks like washing the dishes, making ice cream, making fruit juice, you can use elbow grease instead of machines that consume energy.

You can switch to LED lights which are energy efficient and mercury-free. You can also switch from harmful chemical cleaners around your home, to natural cleaners made from natural organic materials. Take a walk; yes, seriously; walk to visit a friend or to the local park or to your gym. This will help you earn green points while also getting some exercise.

The other part of conserving energy and going green at home is in your architectural design, planning and construction, and also furnishings and fittings. You can go green every step of the way, with a little bit of thought, like natural ventilation, solar energy, bamboo furniture, cork floors, drapery and upholstery. How do you get green drapery? You opt for cloth dyed with organic materials and set up your windows, shades and drapery to allow for maximum natural ventilation. Also use natural fibers like cotton, linen and silks instead of polyester and other artificial fabrics. Simple natural fabrics for your drapery, made using organic dyes and recycled or readily available wood are the most obvious green choices for windows and blinds.

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