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Specialty Drapery – Famous styles in Top Treatments

Dining RoomWhen you have a nice seating area with a large set of windows, like a bay window, or bow windows or even a window seat in the bedroom or the children’s room, it gives you a ton of possibilities for decorating and furnishing. The latest trend is to make the window the focal point, with the natural light streaming in. Elaborate and fussy decorating ideas are passé and the latest decorating trend is sweet simplicity with the accent on natural fabrics, recycled wood and green living.

A window seat in the master bedroom or the kids’ room can be ideal to curl up for story time to laze away sunny afternoons or even bask in a little bit of sunshine during winters. If you have a huge bay window or bow window off your morning room or dining area, it can become the place for informal family gatherings, furnished and finished in natural light cotton fabrics that can withstand the wear and tear of usage by children and pets. Continue reading