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Prepare Your Home for the Summer With Some Tips from Us

The long winter is finally over and the sun’s out. Summer has arrived! You’ve probably been ready for the summer for months, but is your home ready? Here are a few tips on getting your home summer ready.

Get your Home Summer Ready

Master bedroom with circular windowMuch like you can slip on shades for your eyes, you can opt for shades for your windows, to prevent glare and UV rays. There are several options for window treatments. Solar shades, wooden blinds, cellular shades and plantation shutters are just a few of the styles in which you can choose from. These window treatments will let the sun in but keep the heat out. Wooden blinds are very flexible throughout the summer. Their slats can be adjusted to control light and ventilation. Plantation shutters offer the same benefit. Solar shades not only offer protection from the heat and fading but also allow you to maintain visibility out of your window when the shade is down. With the right amount of sunlight entering your home, your cooling costs could be reduced during the summer months. Your new summer window treatments need to be functional but also look great and complement your home. If you need assistance with styles and materials, Specialty Drapery can help you. Continue reading