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BOOMER HOME: Should you stay?


















Debbie Lovette, co-owner of Specialty Drapery, created a special niche for her grandchildren in a second-floor dormer room. She removed the closet doors and installed custom-built trundle beds draped with curtains that close like a tent.



Debbie and Tony Lovette, owners of Specialty Drapery, are making life easier for homeowners and helping them save energy costs with motorized window shades and drapes, as well as smart lighting controls and thermostats that can all be operated remotely through Wi-Fi.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Fire Retardant Draperies

Specialty Drapery is known for designing window treatments that meet the TOTAL needs of the homeowner/business owner.  We were recently called to The Doubletree Hotel on West Franklin Street in downtown Richmond to look at some white stains on the draperies in the third floor conference space. First Photo

Originally, a corporate design team from out-of-state designed these soft striped draperies using an inherently fire retardant fabric for the striped part, but using a solid cotton fabric for the decorative band along the bottom edge.  To meet fire codes that are in place for consumer safety, a topical fire retardant chemical was applied to the solid cotton band along the bottom. Continue reading

Bedding and Accessories That Will Add Comfort to Any Room

Often times, the bed serves as the focal point of the bedroom. More importantly, your bedroom is your oasis. It offers a retreat from the world where you can escape to relax and dream. Therefore, it is natural that your bedding should be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Bedding from Specialty Drapery can be created from any type of designer fabric you prefer. Continue reading