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The Importance of Drapery Maintenance

Window TreatmentsYou have bought your dream home and then spent a fortune on having it furnished and fitted exactly as you wanted it. Now comes the hard part; the maintenance. In order to truly reap the rewards of all your expensive consumer durables, furniture, upholstery and artwork, you need to maintain them and follow the recommended care instructions for each one of them. Continue reading

Be in Complete Control with Automated Window Treatments

SD Automated ControlThese are technologically enlightened and advanced times. There are gadgets for doing almost everything, and for controlling the few things that cannot be done by machines. Such level of automation makes life easy. Most household items come with an automated remote control, including your garage, not to mention your car. People expect every certain aspect of their lives to be controlled by remote and automated tools. Now there are automated window shades that allow you to just install them and forget about drawing your curtains. Continue reading