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What Everyone Needs to Know About Fire Retardant Draperies

Specialty Drapery is known for designing window treatments that meet the TOTAL needs of the homeowner/business owner.  We were recently called to The Doubletree Hotel on West Franklin Street in downtown Richmond to look at some white stains on the draperies in the third floor conference space. First Photo

Originally, a corporate design team from out-of-state designed these soft striped draperies using an inherently fire retardant fabric for the striped part, but using a solid cotton fabric for the decorative band along the bottom edge.  To meet fire codes that are in place for consumer safety, a topical fire retardant chemical was applied to the solid cotton band along the bottom. Continue reading

Prepare Your Home for the Summer With Some Tips from Us

The long winter is finally over and the sun’s out. Summer has arrived! You’ve probably been ready for the summer for months, but is your home ready? Here are a few tips on getting your home summer ready.

Get your Home Summer Ready

Master bedroom with circular windowMuch like you can slip on shades for your eyes, you can opt for shades for your windows, to prevent glare and UV rays. There are several options for window treatments. Solar shades, wooden blinds, cellular shades and plantation shutters are just a few of the styles in which you can choose from. These window treatments will let the sun in but keep the heat out. Wooden blinds are very flexible throughout the summer. Their slats can be adjusted to control light and ventilation. Plantation shutters offer the same benefit. Solar shades not only offer protection from the heat and fading but also allow you to maintain visibility out of your window when the shade is down. With the right amount of sunlight entering your home, your cooling costs could be reduced during the summer months. Your new summer window treatments need to be functional but also look great and complement your home. If you need assistance with styles and materials, Specialty Drapery can help you. Continue reading

Fun Craft Tips for Old Window Treatments/Shutters

bigstock-Old-woody-window-isolated-on-w-26478512Coming up with creative and innovative window treatments ideas is a challenging task even for people who love to decorate. There are literally tons of non-traditional and creative tips and options that can make the most of whatever window treatments that you have and impart to your windows a million-dollar look on a surprisingly lean budget. Have you ever seriously given thought to recycling your old items? Perhaps you inherited miles upon miles of lace tablecloth that have seen better days and are no longer as white as they used to be. You can still get more mileage out of these fabrics by converting them to interesting antique window treatments. All you need to achieve this magical transformation is a handy sewing machine and plenty of spare time and you will turn your dull tablecloths into artistic window curtain panels. You are of course free to add any frills you desire so long as they don’t impede the function of the window curtains. Continue reading