Monthly Archives: April 2013

Vertical vs. Horizontal Blinds

Wooden jalousiesVertical and horizontal blinds both provide great options for controlling the amount of light that enters a room. Among their primary advantages is the fact that they can be closed completely, essentially proving a blackout level of light control. These blinds both have their different applications and there’s more that is different between them than the orientation of the slats. Continue reading

How to Integrate Metallics into Your Space

CFC picAdding metallic colors to a space can add a very distinctive feel. Different colors of metallics can offer their own qualities to any room.  Utilizing metallics to add a particular flavor to a room can be done with upholstery, drapery, blinds and shutters, mirrors, furniture and even appliances. Understanding what each metallic color will do for a room is the first part in understanding how you should make selections. Continue reading

Colors That Are in This Spring

Just to mention a few, there is creamy yellow, gold, lemon yellow, emerald, teal, berry, burgundy, tangerine, salmon and champagne. And that is just the “short list” of the top colors selected by interior designers, fashion designers and consumers for 2013. Continue reading